angst sentence starters.

"You're not welcome here anymore."
"Could you tell the truth for once?"
"Don't touch me!"
"I've always hated you."
"Don't go where I can't follow."
"N-no... anything b-but that... p-please..."
"You sicken me."
"Why should I believe you?"
"You're a monster!"
"If you beg I might have mercy on you."
"I will kill you slowly and laugh as I watch the light leave your eyes."
"I thought you loved me."
"Why should I care about you?"
"Get away from me!"
"I have three months to live."
"I don't need your pity."
"No... No! NO! STOP!"
"I will cut you to pieces bit by bit until there's nothing left."
"Go ahead and cry, see if I care."
"I'm dying."
"You have two months to live."
"You don't love me."
"Don't think you can escape me."
"The buyers will go crazy over you."
"I will kill your family and make you watch."
"How could anyone love a monster like me?"
"Are you drunk again?"
"Don't shoot!"
"What am I living for anymore?"
"I can't... not anymore..."
"Pick a god and pray."
"Don't bother screaming, no one can hear you."
"I will do anything for you."
"You killed my family."
"It's all your fault."
"Don't forget that I own you."
"I can't breathe."
"You've been crying haven't you?"
"Who could ever love a monster like you?"
"I will bring you unimaginable pain until death comes as a blessing."
"Let's see... boiling water or red hot iron next..."
"Why didn't you tell me about this?"

The day a brave vesperia know about Raven’s past . It will be the day he will meet the real Raven.

And why he goes skirt chase .* Wonders if someone will make him stop this habit along with the drinking *

Favorite Game: Tales of Vesperia

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transcendentxchronicles replied to your post: [TOV] レイヴン 光竜滅牙槍カウンター回避 [誰得]


" Hey Hey Flynn want ta perform flawless MA? It would be a shame

If someone

avoided it~.”

[TOV] レイヴン 光竜滅牙槍カウンター回避 [誰得]



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I don’t wanna be saved, I don’t wanna be sober.
—Halestorm (via depressive-marmot)

— this road is too difficult for an old man like me.

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Title: "Time to clean up!"
Artist: Judith
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mommawolfyui ;  
Inbox me a '₴' for your muse catching mine having a nightmare and their reaction to seeing your muse when they wake up

He could feel the sound of his mount running on the san d, she grabbing and hugging him, crying on his back. He felt how his heart was heavy and he was trying to be strong for her sake. But everything was lost when they saw the ships on fire and no survivor at all.

Then the sound of that monsters coming for them, “ Canary Run!” he yelled and her face was the last thing he heard and saw before wake up sweating cold , and there was Yuri.

“Oh is you….YOU HEARD NOTHING.” Even if he pretended to be strong, he was still shaking. And he just covered himself with his coat the fact he was shivering.

Inbox me a ‘₴’ for your muse catching mine having a nightmare and their reaction to seeing your muse when they wake up


[Confused? My muse is having a nightmare, your muse finds them— they wake up and react to seeing yours]


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